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Save money on heating bills - easily and conveniently.

Compare for yourself the cost of heating with anthracite "hard coal" versus hard wood pellets, oil, propane, or any other fuel at




Tired of spending your summers cutting and stacking wood?  Or maybe you’re paying too much for heating oil or propane.  Do you wish you had the convenience of heating with oil or propane but without the cost?  With our automatic stoker stoves you can come pretty close.  Whether you prefer supplemental or primary heat, you will find that our stoves, furnaces, and boilers give you the convenience of running 24/7 while drastically cutting your fuel bill.  The fuel that is used is anthracite rice coal. This is not the dirty, smoky, sooty, smelly coal most people think about. Your guest will not be able to tell you’re heating with anthracite.

Fuel Comparison
Fuel Comparison
Leisure Line Stove Company
We are your authorized dealer for Pennsylvania made top quality stoker stoves from Leisure Line Stove Company and Keystoker.

We are your local dealer for Keystoker and Leisure LIne hard coal stoker stoves.  The line of automatic stoking stoves that we carry are operated simply by turning the thermostat up or down, that’s it!  No special knowledge or periodic adjustments are necessary.  If you like 73°F just set the thermostat to 73°F.  If you decide you like 67°F simply change the thermostat setting.  It’s that easy.  During the subzero days just empty the ash pan and fill the hopper once each day.  For the do-it-yourself person our stoves are easy to install.  No chimney?  Use one of our direct (through-the-wall) vent models.

Anthracite coal, also known as hard coal is the most economical way to heat your home or business plus the efficiencies of our stoves will make the savings even greater.  No other fuel can save you as much, not even corn or pellet fuels.  Heating with cord wood may be the only exception depending on how much you personally enjoy the wood burning experience.