Country Hearths

Leisure Line Stove Company Products
Automatic Stoker
Weight 250 lbs
Dimensions 31 x 27 x 38 in (Depth x Width x Height)
Size 90,000 BTU 
Hopper Holds 110 lbs.
Thermostat Coal-Trol Digital
Variable Speed


265 CFM, controlled by Coal-Trol.
Flue 6" dia. top vent, back vent, or direct vent.

Pioneer LE



Leisure Line's #1 selling coal stoker stove.  Using the technology that goes into all Leisure Line Stoves the LE can produce up to 90,000 BTUs input and can be vented with a chimney or by the use of the power vent system.  The Coal-Trol Digital thermostat controller always maintains the temperature you desire.  The variable speed convection blower fan is automatically regulated by the Coal-trol thermostat from 35 CFM to 265 CFM.